Honda Monkey Custom Monkey Kong

Monkey Kong

2020 Honda Monkey

For The Gorilla project we, as Bunker Custom Motorcycles, were inspired by our customer’s original nostalgic sentiment, dating back to his initial fascination with mini bikes back in the 70’s.


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Stand out from the crowd

Bunker Chimera

Yamaha XSR900

We are proud to unveil Bunker Chimera – our take on an exceptional motorcycle. Chimera is the product of forward thinking in design, and meticulous R&D.

THE PRE-2016 Triumph Bonneville is one of the shining stars of the custom scene: a bike that only gets better as you tweak it. And you don’t need a grinder, even for a fairly heavy custom job—there’s a huge network of aftermarket parts suppliers.

Street Sleeper

Triumph Street Twin

This SR400 has more of a vintage vibe, and looks more likely to carry a rapier into battle than a mini-gun. The aesthetic borders on regal—with a double-headed Hittite eagle motif on the tank that kicks off a string of gold lines and brass touches.

War Paint

Yamaha SR400

Scaling and Measuring

Preparing the Project Files and building a Brief to create the outlines of the project

Design and Sketches

Drawing concept shaped around the ergonomic and aesthetic needs of the customer

Modification Process

Working on the motorcycle for approx. 4-5 months to achieve the approved design


Road testing the build for problems finalizing proofing the initial design


Final stage of the modification which is paint job. Paint to compliment the design


Our builds are about what you CAN’T buy from a store. All the projects that we create are consequences of personal need. Our builds are about the outlook of that specific customer who’s daring enough to take the initiative to search and take the step to make his/hers custom built motorcycle. As Bunker Team we are in the a never ending search for solutions fed from our desires to explore new ways to ride. So in a sense the same outlook we would like to see in our customers. Struggling in our personal exploration for years, now we are sharing our know how accumulated over this time of hard-ship.


With every new customer comes with their own unique design problem which we thrive on. With every problem we tackle, we try to expand our design repertoire and vocabulary. Trying to get to better conclusion by never repeating our work. Either the problem is aesthetics or function, but in most cases both. For most people the relationship aesthetics and functionality works opposite ways. We as Bunker Custom Cycles convinced to work aesthetic and functionality hand in hand.

Our Builds