Makers, garage builders and enthusiast are inseparable part of our community but the ultimate goal is the ride. We enjoy the technical talk, hopes and desire for new builds and off course the ride. Through the years our community gradually became a riding crew. As a matter of course like minded people gather around the same drive. Customizing became the unifiying notion for us all.


Through these years our workshop became a hub for like-minded people. One of the main drive is the enthusiasm we all share and grow for the question ‘How to make it work better?’. Eventually our crowd became a crowd of people who love to research and play around concepts and forming remedies for a better ride. This is a type of person that looks to an upgrade from a ‘why it works?’ And ‘How It works?’ perspective. This type of person is the opposite of a reflex buyer. We try to stand at the opposite of consumerism.


“Anything before or after it is waiting.” Steve McQueen

Motorcycles are meant to be riden. Although we become lab rats from time to time from the work load our final goal is NOT to build and look. Its build and ride. So in the past years we also became a community of riders exploring different riding conditions and purposes. Sharing memories and courses, hidden pockets of curvy roads or amazingly scenic detours that nobody knows but a limited few.

“A woman who rides a motorcycle is in tune with the universe, a candidate for high adventure.” Celestine Sibley


I’d rather be a biker for a minute, than a spectator for a lifetime.