Yamaha XSR900 Chimera Fuel Tank Cover

High grade carbon fiber cover custom designed by Bunker Custom Cycles for Yamaha models. Direct bolt-on replacement for the OEM part, comes with everything needed for installation.

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Material: Carbon Fiber

Custom designed by Bunker Custom Cycles

Fuel tank cover for Yamaha XSR900 – replaces the OEM aluminum cover. Set of 3 pieces - left side cover, right side cover, center spine. 1.2mm thickness - 26% lighter than aluminum cover. Made 100% from pre-preg carbon fiber.

Installation within minutes with one tool

Remove 6 bolts and replace the factory tank cover with the Chimera tank cover. Comes with custom brackets and spacers - everything needed for installation.

Show quality fit and finish – UV protective glossy final coating

“From a form perspective, the tank is the most significant design element of any bike – the signature of the bike, if you will. As soon as you change the tank the bike turns into something completely new. That’s why we focused our redesign efforts on the tank. We envisioned a different silhouette to the XSR900 – one that reflected our unique design perspective.”

These new carbon tank covers feature a more angular design, retaining pronounced knee-dents but flowing into a broader and brawnier front and sides. Because the stock tank top cover no longer fit, Bunker also whipped up its own carbon fiber unit, using the same meticulous process as on the side covers.

No need to replace the factory seat, no need to modify factory fuel tank. Transform your YAMAHA XSR900 in 20 minutes!

1st Step Stock

Remove your stock seat

2nd Step Stock Covers

Remove your stock tank covers by loosening the hex bolts and plastic rivets

3rd Step Chimera Covers

Install your Chimera covers using the brackets and bolts provided in the kit.

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