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Our Builds

Our builds are about what you CAN’T buy from a store. All the projects that we create are consequences of personal need. Our builds are about the outlook of that specific customer who’s daring enough to take the initiative to search and take the step to make his/hers custom built motorcycle. As Bunker Team we are in the a never ending search for solutions fed from our desires to explore new ways to ride. So in a sense the same outlook we would like to see in our customers. Struggling in our personal exploration for years, now we are sharing our know how accumulated over this time of hard-ship.

Bunker Parts

Not everyone has the time or money to produce a high-end custom motorcycle. Some riders just want to start out with a rad bike, then make it even radder with simple, easy mods. Every item in our shop is a product of forward thinking in design, and meticulous R&D. With every accessory in our product line we would like to provide limited edition items to our customers. A choice for them to stand out from the crowd.

High grade aluminum radiator cover custom designed by Bunker Custom Cycles for 2016-later air cooled Triumph Modern Classics. Direct bolt-on replacement for the OEM part. Protect your Radiator from twigs, branches and stones. Our robust and streamlined Triumph Radiator Guard will keep you out of harms way if you are willing to ride your Triumph to rough conditions.


“Bunker’s style is marked by good design and impeccable taste. The minimalism is supremely well judged, and gives this Triumph that better-than-factory vibe that Bunker excel at.”   Bikeexif

High grade carbon fiber cover custom designed by Bunker Custom Cycles for Yamaha XSR900. Direct bolt-on replacement for the OEM part. With our Chimera Tank Cover transform your bike into rare build and stand out from the crowd. And it will only take 30 minutes!


“Bunker has thoroughly demonstrated that the right tweaks, even while fairly minor, can
transform a stock donor into a knockout of a custom.”   Pipeburn

Our Story

We are two brothers who are simply passionate about motorcycles. Our journey began when we realized we couldn’t find what we were looking for in new age bikes. Since 2009, Can Uzer from an engineering and Mert Uzer design background we decided to pour our former expertise to a new perspective. To a new approach which we finally satisfy our professional urges in a way that we couldn’t in the engineering and design industry.

Bunker Blog

From now on we decided to record and share the works and processes that we enjoy got ourselves into. We did not want all these researches and experiences to be lost in space. Although we are alone in Turkey we couldn’t set aside the things we learned from various fellow ingenious builders and manufacturers around the Globe. We thought we should give back to the community that we have fed ourselves for years now. Check out our blog feed.

Our Community

Makers, garage builders and enthusiast are inseparable part of our community but the ultimate goal is the ride. We enjoy the technical talk, hopes and desire for new builds and off course the ride. Through the years our community gradually became a riding crew. As a matter of course like minded people gather around the same drive. Customizing became the unifiying notion for us all.


We can’t think about Bunker without our base of operations. Although physically this our 2nd shop and since we are growing out of our shell day by day the workshop -as a place to explore- is the most essential part.

Its the play ground where we make our mistakes, learn from them and adapt. It’s also the As its impossible to think about bunker without the mentality, its also impossible to imagine it without the place which enables it.

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